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Why is it so important to be less invasive in advertising?

The audience nowadays pays not to see the ads. Back in the old days, the announcements were perceived as necessary ...
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Influencer marketing with a guaranteed KPI?

In June 2018 Instagram reached the astonishing figure of 1 billion monthly active users (MAU). While Facebook ...
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How to identify fake influencers on Instagram?

Influencer marketing is an industry that's grown exponentially in recent years. Social networks today are a main ...
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Have you already heard about Brandformance marketing? The perfect combination between Affiliate marketing and Influencer marketing

Affiliate marketing has been around for many years. I’d bet that if you have ever faced the challenge of increasing ...
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5 types of influencers to leverage in your brand strategy

Influencer Marketing is here to stay. In all platforms we can see how different brands collaborate with people who ...
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How to plan an influencers campaign without losing your mind?

Have you just decided to start planning your first campaign with influencers? Then it is time to leverage the most ...
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Guaranteed results with Influencers? It's possible. A solution for each of your objectives

Influencers or content creators (aka KOL "Key Opinion Leaders") are prominent individuals with an audience and ...
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